I want you all to know about the miraculous signs and wonders the Most High God has performed for me.” Daniel 4:2


2018 Event Testimonies

“I'm so forever grateful I was able to attend this event! Walking into the Awaken the Planet, the air was thick and charged with the tangible presence and joy of the Holy Spirit! I was living with the daily pain stemming from injuries in a near death accident involving a semi-truck hitting us head-on on the freeway. Pastor Nathan and his wife Danielle are so anointed and all of the speakers and all of the worshipers were as well.  Just being there in the Presence of God, I could feel something miraculous happening head to toe. All of my locked up muscles and scar tissue started breaking free from the pain spasms and becoming pliable! Then during ministry time I was prayed for and I felt like physical hands were touching me and shifting things, then the crippling pain from my pinched sciatic nerve went away! I asked my friend next to me if she had touched me, but no natural person had, just our Supernatural Jesus!  I'm so excited to be able to attend again this year and have been inviting others to come with me!”—Heather F.

“My lower back was compressed due to a car accident in 1994. During the Awaken the Planet event, I was prayed over and now I have no pain. I have been healed, yes, in Jesus name!” —Judith D.

“I had a fractured neck and after others prayed for me, all pain left. My neck was healed! Thank you Lord, Jesus!”—Randy

“I was prayed for by more than one person. Specifically one woman prayed for me and tears of healing fell from my eyes. I saw pools of love in her eyes while she prayed for me holding my hands. Later that night I reflected on what happened and I felt that her eyes were full of Jesus. That would be what it looked like if he were looking at me. It was a very powerful experience and very helpful to my life.—Shirlene C.